Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review of March 2010

Dear Valued Reader,

Every magazine that you read probably has some notes from the editor. This blog does not have an editor so I thought that I should at least address the reader once a month to give a round up of the happenings for that month.

March 2010 has proven to be another exciting month. At home, we were bombarded with news of how the prices of everything is literally going up. These include HDB prices, COE and also electricity tariffs. This is certainly not good news for most of us.

Here at this blog, I mentioned quite a bit on the increasing costs of housing, COE prices and electricity tariffs and included some simple tips to manage this when it comes to personal finance. Hopefully the tips suffice. You can review the related postings here:

1. Average Singaporean's Largest Expense = HDB
2. COE prices skyrockets
3. Time to Buy a Car?

On the side, I have been overwhelmed by the response that I am getting at this blog/site. The latest number of unique readers registered on this site was 2,000 per month. I still remember the days when less than 10 people visited this site per month.

It is wonderful to see the readership go up and there are lots of interesting conversations that I am having with the online community. Everyday, I wake up and realise that there are probably 100 people waiting for my site to be updated. This makes me look for interesting material to share with them. And this is the reason why I blog today.

Every blogger goes through various milestones where they realise that their blogs are no longer personal blogs but blogs that are read by the public at large. This has happened to me too. CPF has approached me to blog at their IM$avvy site (Invitation to Blog at CPF IM$avvy). I still need to wait and see how all this pans out but it has gotten me to think a lot more about this blog and whether I am prepared to take it to the next level. The desire to remain anonymous has also been bugging at me. Is it time that I put a face to this blog?

What has started out as a blog to just chronicle my journey has now turned into me sharing my journey with friends and strangers. Somehow, it seems like I was running some race all alone and all of a sudden, I am surrounded by people who have also been embarking on a similar journey to mine.

On the personal side, I have been giving tuition and using my spare time to reflect on certain things. Sometimes, we think we make wrong decisions in life only to realise that these decisions were not wrong but just part of the process of growing up. Our unique experiences shape us into who we are. I just pray that I become a better person through all my experiences.

If there was one thing I could change, it would be to change the name of this blog. Perhaps I would have named it "My Journey" instead of "SgFinancialFreedom". But like I said above, the seemingly wrong decisions in life might not be wrong if we look at it from hindsight.

Thanks for all the wonderful encouragement and support. Let's have a good April 2010!

Warmest Regards,
The Resident Blogger


  1. Aiyoh. Can't be worse than mine right? SGmusicwhiz talking about shares? Now that's weird! But I can't change it now. Haha.

  2. can't change meh?

    I have changed mine from "Create Wealth Through Trading" to "Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading".

    Don't need to be stone-headed

  3. Actually can change. Just change it loh, but make announcements way before hand, so that readers won't feel shocked when they reach your blog one day, haha

  4. Hi CW8888,

    I mean the domain name actually. Not the title of the blog.

    Hi LP,
    You seem quite knowledgeable on IT matters. Are you proficient with all these sort of things?

  5. Create a new blog and redirect visitors to your new blog

  6. Hi FF,

    I'm not THAT proficient, but I've seen my share of things. To change the title of the blog isn't a problem, you already knew that.

    To change the domain name, it's also not a big problem. You should be able to create a new website and port the posts you've made in this blog over to the new one. PG had done it before, so did many others, when they changed their public blog to a .com (a private one).

    I wouldn't suggest changing the domain name. A lot of work you've done on this blog will have to start from scratch again (e.g. page rank, links from other sites, adsense..).

  7. Hi LP,

    Thanks for the advice.

    My exact thoughts when I was thinking of using my own private domain instead of the one provided by Google's Blogger. Especially all the SEO stuff.


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