Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I Want to Buy

Here are a few of my wishlist items that I hope to get for Christmas this year:

These include:

1. Handphone
2. Wallet
3. Wii
4. Guitar
5. BMW 3 or 5 series

Any sponsors, please kindly leave a comment okay? =)


  1. What about PS3? That you mentioned earlier?

  2. SGX is not Santa leh..

    PS3...Wii....I felt Wii would be better

  3. Without Santa SGX, I really don't know where can I possibly find those ROC for years now.

  4. Hi FF,

    here's a list of things I want to buy by the time I'm 32.

    1. VW Golf TSI 1.4l
    2. A nice watch
    3. Another property

    Wish me all the best!

  5. Hi Gohsip,

    Haven't seen you around for a long time!

    All the best to your dreams and all the best to mine too! hahahahah

  6. Here's what I want to buy when I hit 35 (ahem, next year):-

    1) New coasters for my cups
    2) New Pillows and Bolsters
    3) New bedsheets for my bed
    4) 1 New Pair of Shoes

    Nothing else I can think of at the moment.

  7. Wow MW,

    I can see from your wishlist that you really have simple needs and wants =). Respect!

    I am sure that you can afford all of those now right? What about the more expensive wishlist?

  8. Hi FF,

    Yeah well I could afford them of course not a problem but if I bought them now then they won't be "new" for Christmas liao. Hahaha. That's the idea of a wishlist for Christmas. :P

    More expensive wishlist? Erm, I seldom wish for any single item costing more than $100/-. So I really honestly cannot think of anything at the moment.

    Just give me a good decent meal and I will be very happy (preferably beef steak, medium rare, prime cut haha). Other than that, what else would I wish for? I have a wonderful girl, I take nice walks with my wife, I exercise on my bicycle around Singapore and go shopping in malls on weekends. Of course, the occasional movie too.

    Oh yes, the most recent big ticket item I spent on was some tickets for Tears For Fears concert at Resorts World Sentosa. Those were $131 a piece and I bought 2 tickets for me and wife. That felt expensive! But I really love the band so I don't mind paying for such luxuries once in a while.

    Cheers. Oops have I said too much? :)

  9. Hi.
    This is wat i wan whn i am 30.
    20-30 million

  10. Hi TW,

    What do you need so much money for? hahah. What are you going to buy with all that money?


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