Monday, April 19, 2010

COE Relief of Up to $8000

While I was travelling by Alexander Road which is littered with car showrooms, I passed by this advertisement put up at one of the showrooms which proudly read:

"COE Relief of Up to $8000"

That was pretty funny and I was kind of amused at the efforts the sales and marketing team must have come up with to attract customers back into the showrooms.

With the increasing COE prices, a "relief" for the customers reminded me of the various reliefs that one can file for during income tax declaration. It also reminded me of the GST credits (GST Offset Package) and stuff that the government gives out as a temporary relief for the increase in GST.

So it is really a bit amusing to see a car showroom offer reliefs for COE. I was just laughing to myself when I came across another advertisement from Volvo. I didn't really get to catch the exact words but it read something like this:

"With the 7 seater Volvo, you can have more Tiger babies."

Okay, the advertisement did not sound so crude but it was something to that tune.

How funny is that! Car dealers coming up with such creative advertisements to get people to buy cars. They are offering reliefs and now even helping Singapore to boost its birthrate!

Those two adverts really made my day. =)


  1. These car showrooms are very smart - they know Singaporeans have a love affair with the car, and most cannot resist a "good" deal when they see one. I call this phenomenon the "Singapore Kiasu Syndrome". Oops, sounds familiar eh?

  2. Yeah. They are really smart. Must give it to them for their clever marketing.


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