Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Many Pratas Can You Eat?

Just the other day, the family was out eating some prata.

The wife actually had some words of wisdom to impart to me.

Wife: " I like eating prata."

Me: "Me too."

Wife: "What I like about prata is that both the rich and the poor can enjoy it."

Me: "Oh...okay.."

Wife: "Yes. Even if you drive a big car or you are poor, you still can afford prata."

Me: "That is true. And there is only so much prata we can eat."

How true it is indeed!

Roti prata is really cheap Indian food in Singapore. And whether you are rich or poor, you can enjoy this food. But at the end of the day, there is only so much prata that you can eat in one seating. So what if you have lots of money? You can't possibly eat a lot more prata than the person sitting next to you.

This is a lesson about contentment. Be contented with what you have. At the end of the day, there is only so much food you can eat and there are only so much clothes you can wear. All the money in the world can buy you more food, but how much food can one possibly eat?

As if to prove a point, the wife managed to gulp down 4 plain pratas whereas I only managed to finish 2.


  1. Rich man eats prata because he enjoys it. Poor man eats prata doesn't necessary mean he enjoys eating it. See the difference!

  2. Hi CW8888,

    I guess you are talking about choice and options. And it is clear that the rich man perhaps has a greater variety of options to his choosing.

    But at the end of the day, he is still limited by the one mouth he has =)

  3. Thanks for patronising.


  4. Hi Mutu, mean patronising Indian food stalls?

  5. Hi SgFF,

    prata can also be customised....

    To the richer man, a prata is something to be enjoyed. He can easily afford adding cheese, onion, egg, banana, etc, to the prata without much dent to his wallet.

    Whereas for the poorer man, he could probably afford only plain prata, or prata with some egg.

    This is my concept of financial relativity.

  6. Hi FF,

    I wouldn't say that prata is cheap food. Paying S$0.70 or S$0.80 for a plain prata made of only flour is expensive I would say. Your wife had 4 pcs means S$2.80 or S$3.20.


  7. Hi JW and CW8888,

    Thanks for the insights.

    I always thought prata is cheap compared to other dishes like chicken rice or restaurant food.

  8. Hi Sa,

    I think FF is just trying to show a point - we only have 1 mouth, 1 butt, 2 hands, 2 eyes - even if we have all the money in the world, we can only eat so much in a day, sleep on one bed, watch so many things.

    It's a reminder to be contented.

  9. Hi,

    Don't splurge on junk food and end up being billed for hefty medical costs. 1 plain prata is 209 kcal (Source: Health Promotion Board) while an egg prata is 288 kcal. 4 plain pratas means a whopping 836 kcal and 28g of fat!

    Why risk your health over junk food?



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