Monday, April 12, 2010

Money Saving Tips

A little while back, I wrote an article on 1001 ways to save money. I thought that I could expound on some of the common money saving tips proposed by various experts and see how it can actually work out in the Singapore context.

One of these money saving tips that you commonly hear is this:

Shop at outlet stores. You can find a lot of nice, even brand names, clothes for a fraction of the price.

Outlet Stores in Singapore

In the first place, I don't really know where to find outlet stores in Singapore. I am not much of a shopper so I would really appreciate if everyone can share the best outlet stores in Singapore to get stuff like clothes and shoes.

Outlet Stores in Malaysia

Over at Malaysia, I frequently come across Factory Outlet stores and also the Reject Shop. These shops often carry certain branded shirts at really a fraction of the price. And that is in Ringgit also! Tell me about a good deal.

The shopping mall just opposite the new immigration complex is where you can find a Factory Outlet store and a Reject Shop. If one does not mind making the trip across the causeway, you can find pretty good deals there.


  1. While it saves money, it might not save time. Have to be careful of how you debit time but credit out to be the same or worse.

  2. The act of crossing the causeway takes time, which can be worth a lot more than what you could save.

  3. Try NTUC/Cold Storage house brand. IMO, some are good or even better than those with brand.

  4. What if you kena robbed at JB? Many many years of saving gone in minutes

  5. Hi guys,

    Of course i am not suggesting that one makes special trips frequently into JB just to do their shopping. Crossing the causeway takes a short time nowadays.

    I mean if you happen to be there, just drop by the outlets =)

    I don't think outlet stores are selling low quality items. They might not have passed QC but they are still in pretty good shape I guess.

    JB has good food too. So it is worth the cross over if you drive =)

  6. Saving matters but Investing determines!

  7. Heh...actually, a lot of people don't invest.

    Most of them just save their money in banks. And surprisingly, I think if they are really frugal, they might be able to save up quite a bit.

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