Friday, May 21, 2010

2nd Anniversary - A Good Time for Some Reflection

This day marks the 2nd anniversary of this blog. Or to be more exact, the day when the idea of blogging came to my head.

I still remember very clearly that two years ago, I was sitting at the balcony of some hotel room enjoying the breeze and just doing some journalling.

Two years have passed.

In this two years, I realised a few things. Perhaps it is the "older but wiser" syndrome.

1. Friends don't stay forever. I have lost contact with a lot of friends. This is due to either a change in workplace or due to other unforseen circumstances. I meet up a lot less with close friends compared to the past due to family committments. What I have realised is that friends come and go. When you have the opportunity to meet up every day because you work in the same office, it seems like the relationship will last forever. Once things change, you realise that you most probably will not meet up with some people again. Perhaps in facebook only?

2. Be a bit more discerning. I have learnt not to be too trusting of other people. I am now a lot more skeptical when I hear advice from people.

3. Investments go up and down. It has been a roller coaster ride in the stock market for the past two years. I am a lot more immune to the ups and downs in the stock market now.

4. Unclear of future direction. I remain very unclear about the direction that God wants me to go with regards to many things in my life. I feel a bit lost sometimes as I do not seem to be progressing in my career. For a guy, a career basically sums up his relevance to society, family and sometimes even defines him as a person. Without a clear cut career path in front of me, I have been lost, discouraged and depressed.

5. Blogging is good but..... At the blogging end, I now blog to keep readers entertained and educated. Hopefully they learn something from my mistakes and experiences. Blogging is good but it takes up a lot of my personal time.

The picture above depicts slaves taking the route from Africa to Americas during the slave trade. Sometimes, I feel like I am on this ship not knowing where I am going and what the future holds for me.

Perhaps I am at the start of my mid-life crisis...


  1. I can comprehend what you feel especially on the notion that a man's worth is co-related to his career.

    Having been in the technician in the airforce for 7yrs then 2 yrs as software engineer,
    recently I left to backpack for 2 month,came back and decided IT is not my thing, having been sending resumes for other kind of jobs for a good 3 months with not a single reply, I am too lost, depressed and discouraged.

    But at the same time, this void I am experiencing allows me to slowly down and give me the time and space to really think what I would want to make of myself and hopefully I will move on with life once I have a clearer picture.

    Wish you all the best !

  2. FF,

    You are too young to be in a mid life crisis. I am a more suitable candidate :-(

  3. No intention of making tuition as a career and later move on as biz owner?

  4. May be you may want to look for ways to use your blog as online sales platform in addition to waiting for people to click ads.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog. The stuff you blog about serve as a reminder to myself as i might get too trusting sometimes and also feel lost over my career from time to time.

    Hope to see more interesting blogs in the future. Keep it up!

  6. Hi people,

    Thanks for all the encouragement.

    A man's worth should not be determined by the job he holds.

    Thanks Mr Whacko for reminding me that.

    Tuition as a long term career...heh...brings back to the statement about "a man's worth should not be determined by the job he holds." I always thought that I should be doing something great or rising up some corporate ladder. I still have not reconciled to the fact that I might be called to live a really simply life. I will not rule that out in the mean time.

    I am glad people think my blog is actually interesting and worthwhile =)

  7. AK71,

    I am old enough for a midlife crisis =)


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