Monday, May 17, 2010

Dividends from Capitaland

Just received a small amount of dividends from Capitaland.

A total of $315.00

Red hot property market

Singapore's red hot private property market is still not showing much signs of slowing down. In fact, The Interlace by Capitaland saw 144 units sold at a median price of S$1,067 psf. Capitaland has also invested heavily in China's property market. I hope to see more dividends from Capitaland in the future.

To think about it, if one does not have enough capital to invest in a rental property, a good proxy would be to invest in property counters or REITs.

Waiting for other dividends....

I am still waiting to receive dividends from other counters like Suntec REIT, Kingboard, Innotek, etc.

Will post the full amount I have collected once I receive them =)


  1. I bought some Capitaland too but recently the share price keep dropping due to china credit tightening :-(

  2. Make a good relationship among your dividends and share the profit with them as they are liable.....

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