Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Powerful is Your Blog?

Every now and then, I am amazed at the power of blogging.

I am not a natural blogger and blogging does not come naturally to me. Yet, I find it much easier to express myself through writing compared to speech. Thus, I blog.

What makes it amazing is the ability to rank high on Google searches for certain keywords. In a certain sense, one is able to get your thoughts across to many people at one go. Imagine people reading your postings on certain topics and taking action on your advice or recommendations!

Just another scenario. Imagine being able to "talk" to thousands of people each month without actually having to meet them. This is what a blog is able to do. It really amazes me on how powerful a blog can be if you use it for the correct purpose.

Many times, I have had ideas on how I could expand my blog be it in terms of layout or the content. I have brainstormed on various topics that I would like to write about but simply procrastinated. Perhaps it is time I take some action to propel this blog forward to greater heights.

How powerful is your blog? How do you intend to make it more impactful?


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