Sunday, May 23, 2010

Keep Counting and Let's See Who Has More

I remember waiting at a crowded bus stop once and saw a beautiful convertible car pass slowly by. It was one of those peak hour jams where the bus stops were really crowded and the buses themselves were also packed. I could not help but notice quite a few people at the bus stop stare enviously at the person driving the convertible.

It was then that I remembered something. It is very common for people to become unhappy when they focus on the things they do not have in life.

I was reminded through a fellow blogger's posting that it helps to count your blessings. Instead of focusing on the things that you do not have in life, why not focus on the things that you have in life?

Counting my blessings

1. I have a great family.

2. I have a healthy body (thus far though I have put on quite a lot of weight lately)

3. I have spare cash.

4. I have a HDB flat. Though I only own 22.5 square metres of it (based on the amount of mortgage loan I have paid off).

5. I have a car. Another few more years to paying off the debt.

6. I have friends.

7. I am ALIVE!

Keep Counting your blessings to see how fortunate you are.


  1. Learning to Overcome Jealousy and Live Your Own Life

  2. Hi FF, actually my immediate reaction was not envious! Despite them being on a nice convertible, they are also stuck in the same jam as we all are.. So sometimes, whether you're on a luxury convertible, or on a cheaper make (say Japanese or Korean car), we're stuck in jams (different challenges) in life.. In their case, probably money is not their problems (though we cannot assume that, too many people who have money problems also drive nice cars) but their problems may be in relationships, work stress, health, etc..

    My point is, be happy! :)

  3. Foundation, You mean poor people do not have problems in relationships, work stress, health etc.. ON TOP OF MONEY problem.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I reckon some people in life do have all the problems life has to offer, but I thought generally this is not the case. We normally have different challenges in life unique to each n everyone of us. So while some people seem more 'successful' in some ways, they are usually not successful in all ways. Everyone has a genius in them and everyone have something that they do better than others.

    Just my 2 cents worth. :-)

  5. I had a very bad backache today.

    I am really thankful that most days, I have a body that does not ache =)

    Another blessing to count.

    The point of this post is to count your blessings if you haven't started counting yet.


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