Friday, May 28, 2010

Mid-Year Bonus for Civil Servants

The Singapore government announced that the mid-year bonus for civil servants just two days back. It will be the largest mid-year bonus in the past five years.

The mid-year bonus is reported to be at half a month's salary plus a one-off payment of $300.

While that might not be a lot compared to the private sector, I am sure a lot of civil servants will welcome the news especially since there was no mid-year bonus declared last year.

This is also good news to the rest of the population as it shows that the government is positive on the economic recovery even though downside risks like the soverign debt crisis still lurk at the background.

The author is currently self-employed and does not get to enjoy such benefits as mid-year bonuses and year end bonuses. It makes him recall the days when he used to enjoy such benefits.


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