Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Such Thing as a Happy Peak Hour Bus Ride

I took the bus during peak hour today. It was around seven pm.

The bus was already quite packed when I first got on. I was literally at the front door holding on for my dear life.

The bus captain however decided that more passengers could still get on at the next bus stop. I found myself squashed like a sardine with the rest of the passengers and had to hold on the frame of an advertisement as I could not get my hand on any hand rail or stuff.

The whole journey was unpleasant to say the least. The bus was totally packed and the bus captain still made sure that all passengers got on board at every stop.

I could not help but laugh when I got off the bus and saw the advert at the exit door reminding passengers to tap off. The "passengers"/ models in the advertisement all looked so happy.

I looked around the entire bus and saw only grumpy faces all around me.

How ironical!


  1. Damn right. I do not see why the bus captain cannot understand the fact that he's not driving the only bus which will lead people to their desired destination. Sigh...

    More often than not you see other buses of the same number zooming past you due to your really hardworking captain.

  2. I think they need to increase the frequency of buses and change some of those single deck buses to double deck buses.

  3. Hey BNN,

    Cannot like that say. If they didn't stop, then pple also complain why this bus never stop for passengers. If they stop, they complain so squeezy already why let more pple in. I think it's kind of hard to act in the right manner for everyone.

    Hi FF,

    Increasing frequency have its own problems. Plying along marina parade area, there are buses that are obvious duplicates for most part of the journey. What happens is that bus captains will be penalised if they reach the interchange faster than a pre-destined time, so they will drive very very slowly. Seriously, nothing irks me more than a bus travelling at turtle speed from the moment you step in until your destination.

  4. FF, you do not drive now?

  5. I drive but I also take public transport when needed =)


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