Monday, May 3, 2010

Review of April 2010

Dear Readers,

April 2010 has been another spectacular month for the STI. The STI trended up past 3000 but failed to close above it at the end of the month.

Most people will probably be sitting on large capital gains if they have bought their shares earlier in the year or during 2009.

For myself, I have still been focusing quite a bit on dividends. For the month of May, I should be collecting dividends from Capitaland, China Aviation Oil, Innotek and Suntec Reits.

Perhaps, investors would like to take caution for the year 2011 when exit strategies come into play.

At this Blog

I shared with all that I am going to be a guest blogger at CPF's IMSavvy. I have submitted my first post already but it has not been published. (Quality control perhaps?)

Over at this site, I talked about the Best Financial Advice I have received and asked readers to share their own experiences.

I also got a bit philosophical and talked about Whose Dream Is It? and How Many Pratas Can You Eat? If you only have time to read one more posting, read the one on the pratas. The comments from readers have been great and insightful.

For just a light hearted read, I explored the correlation between good food and having a good date.

I have been a bit lazy at this blog as I have been caught up with certain new hobbies.

A better May 2010 for all of us and happy Labour Day!

Your Sincerely,


  1. Hi FF, i'm a follower of your blog and has since been inspired to start a blog on my (humble) investment findings in SG stocks selections. Pls kindly visit and share with me your valuable views! thanks much :)

  2. Thanks CChen for the encouragement.

    Always good to meet a fellow blogger. Thanks for the introduction!


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