Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day in Singapore

Yesterday was Father's Day. Or at least it felt like Father's Day.

It was a hot and sunny day as usual and I spent my earlier part of the morning in church. I couldn't really concentrate on the sermon as my mind was wandering around. It mostly went around in circles as I thought of how I am a father now and how it was just so overwhelming.

Being a father means different thing to different people. For me, it has just been an overwhelming experience. I suddenly find myself more acutely aware of my finances and whether I am able to provide the best for my family. If I were to sum fatherhood up in a single word, it will read: RESPONSIBILITY.

I no longer get the freedom to choose my bedtime or when I wake up. I no longer get to choose how to spend the weekends and stuff. It all boils down to being a responsible father and doing activities that are best for my child. The burdens on all fathers are probably the same. And one finds that you sacrifice alot of your time, energies and not to mention money when one becomes a father. It is a very different thing from being a husband to being a father and I must say that I am still getting used to the whole process of it.

On the funny side, dinner was meant to be something special so we ordered some pizza. As the fillings on the pizza was too hot, my job involved eating the fillings on top while leaving the crust for my son to eat. How's that for fatherhood! It was really gross. Me scraping out all the fillings with my mouth and feeding my poor child the remaining crust.


  1. Hi FF,
    I think a father is a "loving leader" of the family and fatherhood on top of fulfiling financial responsibility (being breadwinner), also involves being a "loving husband" to your wife and a "loving father" to your child.

    A father who loves his family will desire to be a good leader in terms of being a good role model to your child and being involved in leading the family in making decisions (not in the sense to rule over the family members but rather to "lead in loving care of the family making decisions, sometimes tough ones that will result in positive growth in character of every family members".

    Such a father will ensure everyone in the family is well-loved (not just materially but more importantly emotionally) and at the same time strive to live out his life as a good role model for his wife and children to emulate.

    I learnt this in church. Just for sharing. Keep up your good blog sharing. Thanks.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for sharing. A father indeed has alot of roles and responsibility to play. It can be quite overwhelming at times

  3. Poor child indeed. There are several handy inventions that you can use. One is called a fork, another is called a spoon. Isn't sloth one of the 7 deadly sins? No offence.


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