Friday, June 25, 2010

Flooding in Singapore...Again..

I just read the news and it confirmed my fears. Singapore was flooded again today. Apparently, flash floods hit certain areas and trees also fell at certain places.

I am not surprised. Afterall, when I went to buy my breakfast, I saw a blowhole!

Water was gushing out from a drain cover along the walking pavement and because of the pressure or something, water spurted out like a mini blowhole every few seconds.

What an interesting sight!

Hopefully none of my readers here got caught in the flood while going to work.


  1. When I was young, I hoped for more floods. Why? More fishes escaped from the fish farms during the flood and fishes would soon find their ways to the nearby river.

    Time to go fishing so shiok!

  2. Wow. Fishing?

    I only remember playing paper boats in the drains when it rains.


  3. Another fact

    10 lucky winners get i-pads and i-phones floating on the water

    None admitted!!!


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