Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cheap and Good Books

I am always on a lookout to buy cheap and good books to read. I am addicted to reading and always need a book in hand to keep my sanity. It isn't the coolest of hobbies as there really isn't much to talk about after reading a book. Nevertheless, I get immense pleasure from just reading books, especially if they are good.

I guess deep down inside of me, I always wanted to be a sort of novel writer or something. But perhaps that dream might never get fulfilled. Afterall, how many famous authors do we know from Singapore? Most of the famous authors hail from countries like the United States and Britain. Very few come from Asia. This is especially so when it comes to writing in English. Who will want to buy a English novel written by a Chinese writer? The market is really limited in that sense.

Anyway, back to cheap and good books.

I found out that Penguin books are usually really cheap and good. Recently, I bought The Beach by Alex Garland for $10.70 at PageOne. I devoured the entire book in less than three days.

Just today, I also managed to grab another Penguin book that cost $10.70. Apparently, there is a whole list of this Penguin books that have this plain orange coloured cover that are all going for $10.70. A really good deal if you ask me.

So if you are really looking for a cheap and good book, look no further. Penguin books are really worthwhile in my opinion.

Every once a year, there is also a Penguin BookFair that is held at the Singapore Expo. If you are patient enough, you can get the books there for an even cheaper price.


  1. Hi FF,

    Since you like reading so much, may I suggest you get a kindle or an equivalent ebook reader? It's one of the best things that I bought this year and I'm having such joy using it every day. No more buying of books ;)

  2. Hi LP,

    I prefer to hold a hardcopy compared to reading off a screen. Just a personal preference =)

    Also like the joy of seeing my bookshelves stacked with books.


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