Monday, July 5, 2010

How much for shampoo that cures hair loss?

How much will you pay for a bottle of shampoo that is supposed to be able to cure and prevent hair loss?

I was sitting in a hairdresser's chair recently enjoying my usual haircut when the hairdresser started chatting me up. After the usual pleasantries, she highlighted to me in a very light hearted manner that my hair or scalp was slightly oily.

(I have had oily hair for many years and I always thought that it was because I used too much gel when I was younger to style my hair. I switched to hair wax which was supposedly better but that did not stop my hair from being oily.)

After highlighting that fact, she went on to give me a diagnosis of the male pattern hair loss that I was facing and asked me questions about whether I had experience hair loss, receding hair line etc..

All this hit home quite hard as I have been pretty conscious about the fact that my hair line has indeed been creeping up my forehead and I looked a little bald from certain angles. Even some friends have told me that I looked like a fat and balding uncle on facebook (thanks to candid and unflattering pictures of me that end up on facebook without me knowing...)

That is very sad. To be 28 and going on to 29 and to look bald is not a thought that I like entertaining very much. But everytime when I look in the mirror, I am certain that my hair seems to be getting much thinner and I will one day lose all my hair.

After much sales talk, she managed to convince me to buy a bottle of shampoo for $22. It has some teatree oil extract which is supposed to be good to keep my scalp less oily. I willingly parted with the money as I believe prevention is better than cure and I am willing to spend money to prevent myself from going bald. Her sales talk that preyed on my fear of losing hair was also really good.

After a few weeks of using the product, my wife has commented that my hair is no longer oily and is smooth and nice to run her fingers through. I am still not sure about the anti-hairloss function of the shampoo and can only wait it out for a few more years to see whether it is really effective.

Hopefully this will turn out to be one of my better investments.


  1. what brand u bot? i am also desperate to save my hair.

  2. ha..a common problem among all males I guess.

    It is OSIMA. Don't think they sell it outside.


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