Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Look For This Site

Hi People!

I finally did the thing that I have been procrastinating for the longest time. I gave this site an overhaul using the latest design features from Blogger.

I have always been afraid of tinkering about with the design because I was afraid that it might corrupt my files and stuff. Silly me!

Anyway, since I had some time to burn today, I just fiddled around with Blogger's latest design tab functions and chose the simplest design for my blog. I think the new look is much better than the previous look.

For your info, to comment on this blog now, you will have to click the comments link that is located near the title of the post.

Hope you like the new layout of this blog. Do let me know if there is anything that you feel needs to be tweaked to make this blog look better.

Best regards,


  1. Hi FF,

    I quite like it, though my vampirish eyes would strain to look at the brighter screen. Ignore me pls :) If there's anything you should please when you change a template for your blog, it should be yourself. That's because you are spending a longer period of time here than any others. There'll always be pple who prefer the older templates, haha - ask me, I should know since I've changed it 4-5 times in a major way before.

    Look at my older template:

    Brings back fond memories, haha :)

    Now I just need to get used to the comments on the top instead of the usual bottom...

  2. Hi LP,

    Yeah. Your site has gone through lots of changes before. Always very impressed with ur site's design.

    New templates always take time getting used to. I am also still getting used to this new look.

  3. Hello
    Been following your blog on the blackberry ...since the change in the blog design.... been unable to read it cos the 2 columns seem all merged ...dunno why will have to catch u on the full computer ..

  4. Hi Crumbs,

    Thanks for the feedback. I will see what I can do. =)


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