Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Today is 9th August 2010 and it marks the 45th birthday of the small country that I live in - Singapore. To all my readers in Singapore, I wish you a Happy National Day!

I have called Singapore my home for my entire life. It is quite hard to imagine the kind of progress that we have made in a few short years.

Just the other day, I was walking down Orchard Road and was amazed the developments that have taken place over the years. The Orchard Road of today is very different from the Orchard Road of my teenage years. And I can only be amazed at the transformation that has taken place.

When I was walking in Orchard Cineleisure, I noticed that I could see the Marina Bay Sands Resort towering in the background. That is another new feature of Singapore.

As a nation, we are only 45 years old. I find it hard to believe that when I was born, Singapore was only 16 years old! That is a pretty young country if you ask me. One would expect us to be dealing with riots, wars, poverty and all the problems of a country that has just gained independence. Instead, today we are a developed nation. People feel safe walking alone on the streets at night. We have political stability. Well, to put it short, we have prosperity, peace and progress for our nation.

Happy Birthday Singapore! I hope to call you home for the remainder of my life.


  1. Unfortunately we also have huge loans, stressful life, crowded living and job instabiliy. We cannot retire, cannot afford not to work and will never be able to choose to live simply, simply because we are like rats on the mill. We got to keep running just to stay in the same spot.

    So what if the rat house is nice, shiny, polished and looks good on the outside. A rat mill is a rat mill and a rat is a rat.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    where in the world could you afford not to work for the first 20 years of your working life?

    Crowded living is a fact for all bustling cities. I'm not talking about suburbs.

    Huge loans is a matter of your personal finance.

    Job instability? No jobs in this world is really stable. Ability improves stability.

    Stressful life? What more goodies do you want that won't damage the country?


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