Monday, September 27, 2010

Bills to Pay

Lots of bills to pay for this month.

First there is road tax. If I renew it for a 6 month period, it will cost me $367.00

Next is housing installment which I need to pay in cash. That is close to another $500.

Then there is my upcoming car insurance which I need to renew. That will set me back by a good $1000 plus.

Credit card bills also add up to over $1300.

Lots of bills to pay for this month. Less my usual contributions to my investment linked plans, I have very little savings for this month.


  1. Give up your car and immediately you have three bills less to pay - car loan, insurance and road tax. LOL

  2. Hi FF,

    Just curious, why do you have to pay $500 in cash for your housing installment? Your CPF OA cannot cover the full installment amount?

    I take it that road tax and insurance are "one-off" expenses so you should have built up a buffer several months earlier in order to pay for these. Hence, technically you should still be able to save. The idea is to save first (pay yourself first), then spend the rest.


  3. owning a car in Singapore really is a torture..

  4. FF,

    Have u thot of giving up ur car & take public transport?

    don't like public transport?

  5. I have thought of it before. But I can't live without a car.

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  7. Not many people who are earning good salaries can resist buying cars.

  8. Yeah, agree on that. Most who earn good salaries own cars. In fact, some who don't earn such good salaries also own cars! Haha!

  9. Need a car to ferry my kids around. Also can go to Changi beach and some ulu resort. Chinese say Kai Yuen Jie Liu. If cannot stop the leak in your pot, must open more sources of income. Easier said than done but there is a choice.

  10. For info, I do take public transport.


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