Friday, September 24, 2010

Funny Incident at MRT

Memories often fail me and so I thought I should record down some of the funny incidents that I go through in my life as well.

While I was taking the MRT today, I wanted to know the time. As the MRT was packed, I looked at the watch of another passenger who was holding the handrail next to me. I got a shock to realise that I might actually be late as the time on his watch showed 845am. To be certain, I peeked at another passenger's watch and her watch showed 842am. At this point in time, I was wondering whether my own watch was behind time.

However, after looking a round at other watches, I realised that the time was actually much earlier at 825-830am.

What a funny incident! I peeked at 2 separate watches of 2 different passengers and somehow, they both had watches that were 15mins ahead of time. 10 mins I can understand. But isn't 15 mins a bit too much?

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