Sunday, September 19, 2010

Online University

Crazy ideas often come into my head. And this is one crazy idea that just slipped into my mind when I was reading a book.

What if I can turn my blog into some kind of online university?

Well, we all know that people go to university to gain knowledge and to share knowledge and to discuss with peers about what you have learnt. Basically, the quest for knowledge actually involves lots of discussion. And what better way to accomplish this discussion then through a blog with people giving their comments on topics that I or a guest blogger has posted.

There are lots of insights from all my readers and I must admit that certain comments are even better than my blog posts itself! How cool will it be if this blog could turn into some kind of knowledge repository where people can turn to and look for information regarding a certain topic to know that it has been thoroughly thought through by various individuals?

What if I could turn blogging into something that is much larger than itself? Something that actually helps to transmit ideas and educate people?

Of course, I am not sure how wide the topics should cover. But I was thinking that anything interesting and related to finance will do. The problem with being too specific in topics is that it alienates some readers while at the same time, being too general can cause certain readers to become frustrated that they are unable to find the information that they are looking for.

But I am seriously toying with the idea and think that it will be really good. Essentially, I or somebody could come up with an interesting topic. Everyone can then feel free to do their own research and participate. But of course, most people I believe are not that keen into doing research and spending so much time talking about a particular topic especially if they are not interested in it.

Any takers? We can take it at a very slow pace =)

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