Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bonuses and Dividends - Dec 2010

End of the year. Have received nice bonuses and also some dividends from certain stocks that I hold. What should I do with the money? I haven't really decided yet but it will most likely be saved, spent and also given away. But majority should be put into savings based on my current estimates.

It looks like I will end the year on a high too. The stock market is recovering, and everything has been going well. Perhaps it is time to pamper myself and the family.

Or perhaps it is time to buy some stocks. Do check out OCBC's Market Strategy for 2011 as well as Phillip Capital

I wonder what stocks people are looking at for 2011. Time to do my compilation once again.

Work has been busy and I can't wait for the Christmas break to come!


  1. Good for you! Yes I would suggest investing in good yield companies with growth prospects if you have the chance.

    And yes please do pamper yourself! That's something I don't do enough of for myself....hahaha

  2. Hi MW,

    Thanks for the advice and the encouragement. Wishing you a merry Christmas in advance!


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