Friday, January 28, 2011

Price of Coffee Goes Up

Hi Readers,

Hope you have not been missing me much. Ever since the new year started, I have been busying myself with the more important things in life like spending time with family, reading, work, and of course various leisure activities.

For one, I have managed to watch the Godfather again. Something that I had wanted to do for the longest time but just could not find the spare time to do so.

I have also been reading like crazy. All the books in my house are being read through almost simultaneously.

The year has started off well.

Except for the news of coffee prices going up again, all has been well over at my side. Coffee is a drink that I am sure most people cannot live without. For me, a 10cents increase in a cup of coffee easily translates to a sizeable amount of money.

On the blogging front, I really do hope to blog more.


  1. It's called inflation.

    Everything is going up but our salary.

    Geesh, how to be financially free???

  2. Actually I felt the increase had been going on some time back with the increase in commodities such as sugar. Now the cheapest cup of tea-o or kopi-o is going at 80 cents when it used to be 60 cents.

    I've been blogging much less nowadays too. Spending more time with family and also trying out in growing my own herbs, haha. Hope to progress to growing my own food soon! LOL

  3. Hi FF

    Inflation is going up unfortunately. :( Prices of everything goes up, not only coffee.

    Premium coffee is going to be expensive too. Look at the various coffee chains franchises around Singapore and in Asia.

    By the way, I have always read your blog and find them really useful, especially the part on growing passive income.

    I just started my blog -

    Could we do a blog link exchange?



  4. I have gained useful knowledge on passive income.
    Thanks FF!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

  5. You can always make a great cup of coffee from home!


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