Friday, March 25, 2011

Blogging and its Misconceptions

It seems almost like eternity since I started off blogging. Well, this blog really isn't my first blog. I had some other blog which I think got deleted away after sometime because I did not post for too long or something.

Anyway, I realised that many people have misconceptions about who I am. Perhaps they read a post or two in this blog and thought that I am somebody that I am not. The problem with a blog is that some information is really historical and if a person lands on one of those historical pages where I was perhaps ranting about something, they get the idea that I am still in that situation or something.

Some of the emails/comments I have been receiving include the following misconceptions:

1. That I am the billionaire Peter Lim and I can somehow give them advise.

2. That I am still looking for a job.

3. That I was/am an engineer.

I do not know why people have such misconceptions. Perhaps they read something that I wrote and made certain assumptions. Sometimes, I am aware of these misconceptions but the lack of time just does not allow me to clear the air either by replying those emails or commenting back.

Hopefully, this post will clear the air once and for all.


  1. Hi FF,

    I do not know what those misconceptions are, but your posts certainly did not clear them. In it, you mentioned who you are not and what you are not doing. It only raises more questions...

    Well, if you wanted to clear up the misunderstanding, then maybe you should divulge more information about yourself and what you are doing. If you don't want to share your private details, I'm sure reasonable readers would understand, in which case you should just ignore the troublesome emails and comments that are bound to come by in a free sharing blogosphere.

    Just my suggestions, take it as you deem suitable. Cheers :)

  2. Yup FF, I agree with LP. After reading this post, I am just as blur as before.. Hehe..

  3. Who is behind Financial Freedom
    I am 28 years old and I have been unemployed, self-employed and employed. I plan to achieve financial freedom for my family by achieving a passive income that exceeds my family's monthly expenditure. I started this blog in 2008 to chart my journey to financial freedom.

    Are you updating it to make it clear who are you?

    How do you intend to reach FF? Your mean and way to do it.

  4. Hi all,

    Yes. I indeed should scrub through all the various page links in this blog to update my profile accordingly. Thanks for highlighting these remnant bits of info that are lying all about the place.

  5. Hi FF,

    You don't have to scrub through the previous links. You just have to post a new blog post clearing up once and for all what had transpired from then to now and link future queries to that post. It's easier this way.


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