Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Old Book from Ebay by James R Rutland

This is a picture of the book (that I bought off Ebay) as requested by one of my readers (LP) . This book really looks like any other ordinary book out there. I am pretty sure an online version exists since the copyright most probably has ceased.

Anyway, it is just cool to know that I am holding a book that is out of print. Using eBay to carry out my transactions is also something that I am pretty comfortable with since I have bought quite a number of items using eBay and so far, all the items have been shipped and are always in good order.


  1. That's cool! I don't think I have in my possession any thing that's 100 years old.

    Hang on! I think I may some straits settlement coins somewhere. Must find them; not sure they worth anything today.....

    In today's use and throw culture, I wonder if anything from 2011 will still be avaialable in 2111!?

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Yes, it is really quite something to hold something in your hand that is so old. Older than my parents even!

    I actually have a black penny stamp too. That is much older since it was printed around 1840.

    But a postage stamp is quite different from a book. You can only admire a postage stamp for that long. But for a book, you can read it!


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