Monday, April 11, 2011

Driving away the Monday Blues

I would like to think that I successfully drove away the Monday blues. It did not help that was feeling slightly depressed on Sunday night but a good dose of coffee, reading the various comments on mt previous post and just thinking about the good things that have happened to me in my life thus far made me slightly more thankful and happier today. I wouldn't claim that I am not feeling depressed anymore but I am sure feeling much much better. How did I do it?

Firstly, I spent a good two hours watching lots of mindless standup comedy by Chris rock and Russell peters. Super funny. Chris rock is really vulgar but I guess I am actually immune to swear words and stuff so i am able to take his jokes. I know some people who cannot stand swear words and thus cannot bring themselves to watch it. But the two hours of watching mindless standup comedy really made my Sunday night much bearable. At least it got my mind off the things that were bothering me.

Secondly, I spent some time sharing online my thoughts through this blog. Even though I did not reveal what was causing my sadness, just blogging about it made me feel a little lighter. Just knowing that somebody else knows about my bad mood was comfort by itself. I don't know why this is so really since most of my readers are really strangers to me in a certain sense-I won't recognize them if I saw them on the streets. Yet, they know a part of me and my struggles that even some of my closer friends know nothing about. So I guess I can call these people my Internet buddies. It is almost as if they are on the same journey as I am. Some of them are also much older and are also able to give me a better perspective of things.

Thirdly, I took a new route to work today. Just felt like doing something different today so I took a new route to work today. And I guess with a new route brings new sights and sounds. I might even start using this route for the next few months. Oh well, guess I will just wait and see.

Fourth, I ate something different for breakfast. I usually frequent this stall for breakfast during weekdays but this time, I ate at some fast food for breakfast. And fast food I guess makes one feel happy because of the sugar rush that comes along with it. I sat there quietly and ate my meal slowly. Truly enjoyed every bit of it. Perhaps another reason why I should switch to this new route.

Lastly, I pampered myself and bought a new shirt. It was not expensive or anything but I just felt like I needed some pampering.

And that was what helped me drive away the Monday blues. Like I said, I am still abit moody but as a whole, feeling much better already!


  1. why so depressed? That's the wonderful part about blogging. I can blog about anything in my life yet when I walk out on the streets, nobody knows me. I am still an average joe.

  2. Interesting. I guess most of the Asian countries are bit nazified. Having people that can`t stand Chris Rock because of "swearing" and performing a genuine act without any censorship.

    I was a bit surprised to find out canning is still a corporal punishment in Singapore. I guess civil liberties take a while to develop. However for government to change, people have to change first.

    If most people still can`t watch someone who expresses himself freely, I guess nazi control freaks will support retarded corporal punishments such as canning.


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