Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paper Chasing in Singapore and Choosing a Job that Makes You Happy

I wrote about the Paper chase in Singapore a few days back. I must admit I got a bit side tracked from writing about how much one needs to get married where I wanted to share more about the costs of getting married in Singapore. I promise to get back to that once I am done with my ranting on the ingrained mindset of paper chasing in Singapore.


I seriously could not believe that when I got home today, I actually spent a large amount of time researching on the various masters courses that I could take in Singapore. A good part of my evening was gone just researching on SMU, NTU and NUS. I even contemplated signing up for other courses like ACCA or CFA. But then I got lost in the myriad of requirements and stuff. This pretty much sums up the Singaporean obsession with paper qualifications. I have seen the enemy and I am one of them! I am just like any other Singaporean who focuses too much on paper qualifications.

Choosing a Job That Makes You Happy

It was definitely timely to read an article about choosing a job that makes one happy. Am I happy in my job? Do I have passion for it? I can't be certain. Some days I wake up gearing to go to work. Then there are other times (long stretches I admit) where I simply don't fill the urge to go to work at all.


  1. Actually why do you want to take up a master course?

  2. Hello FF,

    I love your "Brutally honest post" previously.

    You have asked lots of questions in that post... But you did not ask whether it's your "lack of paper qualifications"...

    Would the courses you are researching help address your "weakness"? For eg, if you realise you need an overseas education to boost your "perceived aura", doing further education locally may just be repeating the cycle...

  3. Hi FF,
    There are only very few "jobs" that leads to a natural vocation. These are the lucky people:- The musician, poet, artist, passionate business-man, the teacher, etc...
    On the other hand, "七 二 行,行 行 出 状 元".

    Sometimes, due to circumstances of having to earn for a living and providing for your family, you will learn to like what you are doing. i suppose that's why, "七 二 行,行 行 出 状 元".

    Take heart, hope you will find your vocation one day.
    Ha! HA!

  4. well, I hate the degree that I am doing but I think getting a degree in my case would be because to give my parents a peace of mind.

    I think liking what you do on a daily basis is important, there would be sustainability!

  5. At some point in the working life, one will reflect on how much that is acquired in university is used at work.

    Personally, a paper qualification is just the basic passport that we need to get the job that we want.

    A bigger paper for a bigger job I suppose

  6. Hi LP,

    Masters course as a stepping stone to career. And also to "gain respect" =S

    SMOL, indeed, studying overseas does cross my mind from time to time. I need that AURA!!

    How true. Very few actually manage to find something that they truly enjoy doing. i also do hope that I will find my vocation

  7. Hi FF,

    Depends on what type of career, a masters might actually impeded you. I know of pple who are in HR telling me that they are afraid that if they employ masters, they are indeed employing people who are treating the company as a stepping stone to the next better one. You better find out if it really helps by asking people who had done it in your field of work.

    Regarding respect....are you serious?


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