Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Hoax Email

It is amazing that I have literally thousands of email to clear in my email account. But what never fails to interest me are the number of hoax and scam emails that I receive. One that I received today is attached below for your reference:


My name is Mrs. Mutsakorn Chauvinist, the wife of the former deputy Prime minister and finance Minister Suchart Chauvinist who died of cancer. Due to the death of my husband as you can read from the Bangkok post news website to this link I am very worried over the political crises and I have decided to contact you to help me to move some funds to your country, and go into investment with you. My warm regards to you and your family, as I wait to read from you. Please treat with utmost confidentiality and secretly.

Mrs. Mutsakorn Chauvinist,
Bangkok, Thailand.


  1. yes, these emails are extremely common and i have just one response to such emails, press the delete button.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Yes. That is the way to treat these junk mail =)


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