Friday, September 23, 2011

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Dear reader,

You might have just stumbled upon this blog and I thank you for taking time to go through it.  I hope you find lots of interesting articles even as you navigate around this blog.  I thought that I might as well just highlight a few articles which I have grouped according to topics to make it so much easier for you to navigate:  I must be frank that reading through some of these posts, I have entirely forgotten that I actually wrote them.  It almost feels like it was a different person writing some of these articles then.

Personal Thoughts and Reflections

  1. A Brutally Honest Post
  2. Lessons from Silas Marner
  3. Which is Your Best Income Source
  4. Conversation with a Millionaire
  5. Don't Run the Rat Race

Salary and Personal Finance

  1. Salary Discussion
  2. Starting Pay for Singapore Graduates
  3. Are You Ready to Manage Your Cashflow?
  4. Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Healthcare Costs?
  5. 1001 Frugal Things to Do
  6. How Much to Get Married (Part 1) (Part 2)
Other Posts of Interests

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