Friday, October 21, 2011

Retirement Plans

Have been thinking what I intend to do when I get older - like at age 65.  I really cannot see myself not working and just sitting around at home doing nothing.  As Singapore ages, I guess there will be more and more elderly folks around.  When I am 65 (if I live that long), I will be surrounded by lots of old people.

Well, I don't really plan to retire.  And I hope that I can stay employed for as long as possible.  At least that will keep me active.  But the matter of fact is that it will probably be difficult to work at the same pace that I am working now.  So I will probably be doing WORK, but it might not necessarily be PAID WORK.  It could be volunteer work or something else.  I don't know.

Recently, the thought of opening a postage stamp shop just keeps creeping into my mind.  Maybe I should just pursue my hobby and try to make a living out of it.  That will be some cool retirement plan indeed.  But it is difficult as the capital involved seems to be quite huge.  And I will probably want to hoard all the stamps rather than sell them.  Something for me to think about and work towards over the next 30 years perhaps.


  1. Hello FF,

    Wow! You are a serious stamp collector!

    I used to collect stamps as a teenager; but stopped when I got into NS. Now my stamps are somewhere tucked in some old forgotten drawers.

    I collect Singapore, China, and Christmas themed stamps :)

    Those were good times buying stamps from "Kenneth Fish" at Holland Shopping Centre.

    Hmm... Maybe I can go Chinatown and lelong my stamps at the weekend market?

  2. Hi SMOL,

    No lah. Not a serious one. Just as a hobby.

  3. Interesting hobby that you have. You are indeed way ahead from lots of Singaporeans who have not thought of retirement yet. There are lots of online jobs that you can do to earn a reasonable income now or during retirement.

  4. It is just one of my crazy retirement plans =)
    I don't even know whether it is entirely feasible


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