Friday, December 30, 2011

Warren Buffet Advice - Best Hedge Against Inflation

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bought More Silver

After writing about buying silver in Singapore, I am amazed that there are also some other people who are interested in buying silver whether it is for collection/hedging/investing purposes.  Anyway, I also received some of the silver coins that I bought.  Just bought a really small quantity as I am mainly just trying to collect the different type of silver coins.

The coins I bought are from Golden State Mint and each coin weights 1/4 troy oz.

Here is a scan of it  =)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Buy Silver in Singapore

Lately, I have been having some bizarre interest in collecting silver coins.  It just feels cool to actually own silver knowing that this used to be used as currency across history.  But as a pretty newbie to silver, I won't call my purchases as investing in silver just yet.  Nevertheless, I have been reading up quite a fair bit about silver coins to know how much a troy ounce actually weighs.  And it is interesting to find out a whole new domain of knowledge literally about investing in silver bullion coins, using it as a hedge against inflation, etc.

Well, the first thing to realise is that it is not too difficult to buy silver in Singapore.    I am not talking about investing in silver through ETFs but really owning physical silver bars and coins.  There are actually quite a few companies that sells silver bullion.  Here are the few things that I have learnt about silver coins thus far:

1.  Buy silver coins or bars that are widely recognised

  • This seems to be the advice that people are giving in various forums.  Coins widely recognised include the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.  There are others like the Australian Silver Kookaburra from Perth Mint and also the Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic.  
2.  Silver Coins Trade Above Spot Price
  • One can check the spot price for silver easily on kitco or some other website.  However, silver coins often trade or are sold above the spot price of silver.  Even on Ebay, they trade above the spot price.
  • Silver price has been increasing slowly.

3.  Places to Buy Silver in Singapore [Grabbed this off another forum]
Many of these shops have a minimum order (e.g. 20 x 1 oz coins) or a minimum purchase of $2000.  Some of them have minimum orders of 500 oz and based on today's price of silver, will literally cost you a 20 over grand (estimated $48++ for a 1 oz silver coin). So you really have to be serious about it before making a purchase.  The first link actually allows customers to buy 1 oz silver bar as a minimum order.  But it is a Scottsdale silver bar and I am not certain that it is as widely recognised as the other silver coins.

4.  Buying off Ebay

If you prefer to buy loose pieces, you can always buy them off Ebay.  However, prices are slightly higher when you do not buy in bulk.  Many sellers also do not ship to Singapore.  

Do you invest in silver or gold?  
If  yes, where do you buy them from?
How do you store them?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monthly Dividend Stock - Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources (GGN)

Just bought 200 shares of Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources (GGN) on the US stock exchange.  It is a stock that provides monthly dividends.  Yes, not many people are aware that there are stock that actually pay out monthly dividends.  The monthly dividends is around US$0.14 per month.  Anyway, it is only a small investment  and I will probably invest more if I have spare cash.

GGN was previously named Gabelli Global Gold Natural Resources before the recent name change to Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cancelled Cable TV - Woohoo!!

I cancelled my Starhub Cable TV just a few days back and I must say that I have never felt so liberated!  You see, I have not had the time to watch TV at all.  At least, TV is on my lowest priority list and I only manage to squeeze in less than 2 or 3 hours of "incidental" TV viewing per month.  I simply don't have the time for it.  And yet, I have been paying over 30 dollars per month for cable subscription.

Finally found the time to go down to Starhub and cancelled my cable plan.  I don't watch TV so I definitely do not need cable TV.  It was as simple a decision as that.  And just by that simple decision, I have saved myself around 30 dollars a month.  This decision was definitely not motivated by saving money since I have been thinking about cancelling my subscription for the longest time but was just too lazy to do so.

I am glad that I have finally done so.  I have just been procrastinating for too long. Just trying to cut out all the clutter in my life and focus on the real things that I enjoy doing.

My dear reader, what clutter can you removed from your life that you have been procrastinating for way too long?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dividends and Passive Income for Nov 2011

Have been too busy lately to write..  But thought I should just check in to say "hi" to readers.  It has been a busy month both at work and at play for me.

Dividends and passive income for the month of Nov 2011 was around $300.  Couldn't be bothered to do the conversion of USD to SGD but I figure it should be somewhere there.  Managed to renew some ad space on my sites so that helped to boost the income a little.

I have also been thinking a bit more seriously about the charities that I ought to be giving to.  Some days,  I just feel like I have been blessed with so much and I really have not much need for so much money.  After all, there is only so much one can eat, and spend money on.  There is just a numbing effect to spending so much money.  It doesn't give me great pleasure or happiness anymore.  Well, in the past , retail therapy was something that I subscribed to.  But nowadays, I lead a simple life and I am pretty content with simple food and a simple lifestyle.

Right now, I am just waiting for Christmas to come.  Can't believe that it is now the end of the year.  And another whole new year awaits me.

Wishing all readers an advance Blessed Christmas!

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