Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best Steak in Singapore?

Just ate at Astons today and felt that I had just eaten one of the best steaks in Singapore. Okay, I am pretty certain that there are better steaks around but this has to be the cheapest, most affordable and tastiest steak that I have eaten.

For those of you who know Astons, it is an unassuming Western restaurant that supposedly started out in a hawker(?) or foodcourt(?) somewhere in Singapore.  It slowly expanded and has several restaurants in Singapore.  It is a little like the Botak Jones stalls except that it is much better.

Ordering the Steak

I don't usually order steak when I eat from western food stalls in food courts or hawker centers.  The quality overall has been quite bad - at least based from my experience.  Many of the steaks are from dubious cuts and are either overcooked, tough or tasteless.

However, I decided to try the steak at Astons today.  They are after all quite well-known for their steaks (well, at least if I remember the food reviews correctly).  The last few occasions, I actually ate the burger so was thinking whether today was the day that I ought to jump out of my "comfort" zone.

I ordered a prime ribeye for $13.90.  The two side orders I chose were the coleslaw and onion rings.  Service was prompt and the dishes were ready in under 15 mins.

My Verdict

Loved the steak.  It was tender and cooked to perfection.  Other than the mushroom sauce which they seem to drizzle on everything (including their burgers), everything was perfect.  The onion rings were nice and crispy, the coleslaw was "oh so delicious"...  In fact, I wolfed down both the side orders before finishing the steak.

Will definitely eat it again if I visit Astons! Yum yum!

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