Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Pronounce REIT

I realised to my horror that I have been pronouncing "REIT" (the acronym for real estate investment trust) or "REITs" wrongly.  For the longest time, I have been pronouncing it such that it rhymes almost with "red" except with a slight "t" sound at the end.

After watching some videos online, I think the correct way pronunciation is actually something that rhymes with "sweet" or "beet".

Hopefully, I will be able to change the way I pronounce it from henceforth.


  1. FF,

    Another frequently mispronounced acronym is MACD in technical analysis.

    But then, so what if you pronounce tomato as:
    to-mah-to, and I pronounce it as to-meh-to?

    Oh cannot? Must speak proper england? I still trying to master the Queen's england, and now lao lee says we must switch to yankee american.

    Ah!!! I think that's why say it's continuous learning?

    Howdy partner? (Wrong? Opps! That's not yankee, that's cowboy southener)

  2. Hi SMOL, is MACD pronounced?


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