Saturday, January 7, 2012

Poor People

Some time ago, I wrote about the poor people around us and also some reflection on helping the poor. This message struck  me again even as I was out having dinner today.

After dinner, while I was walking around, I saw a middle-aged man staring intently into a rubbish bin.  At first, I thought he was just rummaging through to look for empty cans which old people often collect to sell for money.  But to my horror, I saw him staring at a plastic plate which had some food left over in it.

He then proceeded to eat the leftovers from the bin.  I was quite shock and taken aback that I was actually witnessing such a scene in front of me.  At the same time, I did not know what to make out of it as he was holding a cigarette in the other hand even as he was eating out of the bin.

Just a few seconds.  But it left a lasting impression on me and will probably haunt me.  I have always known that there are poor people but to witness such a sight is quite heart breaking.  And that is to know that I frequently waste so much food myself while there are actually people who are hungry enough to eat out of the rubbish bin.


  1. That's sad to see indeed, but another possibility could be that he's mentally unsound?

  2. Yes, maybe a little short circuit. We used to witness a decently dressed man of around sixty- years old who went around tables drinking left- over coffee. He did it almost daily in front of the morning breakfast crowd. He did it as if performing a ritual.
    Nevertheless, it is very sad whoever has to come to this point of "mental breakdown" or perhaps not?
    In any ways, it's very sad indeed.


  3. Just a few backs I saw an old lady begging infront of a singapore pools shop, if you really notice further, there are increasing number of older people going out to collect cardboxes, newspaper and selling tissues around eateries.
    It is a social problem where the young does not care nor support their parents...

  4. He could be mentally unsound but I don't really know. It is indeed very sad..

  5. Did you guys observe that there are more people on bicycle going around HDB flat's bins collecting "rubbish"?

    Probably, "rubbish" is getting more scrap market value.

    May be these old folks don't want to burden their children.



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