Monday, January 2, 2012

Thoughts of a Blogger

So I have been a "blogger" for a few years now.  And I must say that my foray into blogging was purely incidental.  And since the new year is here, I reflected on what I have been blogging about for the past few years and also how I would like to see things going forward.

The weirdest part about being a blogger is that people are actually viewing my thoughts. 200,000 over pageviews since I first started this blog.  That is quite a feat considering that the first few months of my blog, I was only getting 1 to 2 visitors per week!  So to know that there are actually so many people reading this makes me "frightened" at times.  I hope that they do not take me too seriously even though my posts often sound serious =)

Another striking thing that occured to me is the amount of email that I have to deal with.  I get lots of requests for link exchanges, personal finance queries, advertising queries, guest posts requests, etc.  It doesn't help that I do not check my email that frequently.  Not to forget all the spam that comes in.  It means that sometimes, I do not have the time to respond to emails or reply to queries which sometimes get lost in the hundreds of email.  So I apologise if I have missed out your email pertaining to some request.  For link exchanges, please look at my stated policy under the FAQs.  So do read them first before emailing me.  Leaving a comment is a good way for me to remember to respond though I sometimes have little time to respond to comments too.  A million apologies again.

I am also disgusted by the lack of quality in my writing.  If you know how much time I actually spend on writing and vetting my own work, you will probably forgive me.

Well, the most funny thing is that even though this is a personal finance blog (well, sort of), the greatest number of hits are actually on my non-investment related posts like Best Breakfast Places in Singapore. It sometimes makes me wonder whether I should be blogging about something else instead.

For 2012, I hope that I will be able to set aside more time to engage with readers.  To really have a conversation on this blog.; to build up each other's knowledge and financial know-how.  And to share with one another the ups and downs of life.  By now, I hope you have gotten a slight glimpse and insight into my thoughts.

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