Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hatched@Evans Road

I am not much of a foodie.  But I do appreciate good breakfasts and am always game for some nice breakfast food whether it is at the hawker centers in Singapore or at the hip and cool cafes scattered around little obscure corners in Singapore.  Over the weekend, had my breakfast at Hatched which is located at Evans Road just near to Botanical Gardens and opposite the School of Physical Education (or is it now NUS?).

Carparking was a breeze as there was space in the open air carpark where a lone mango tree and a jackfruit tree was growing.  It isn't your typical carparking in Singapore so I enjoyed the way it was quite quaint and peaceful.

Verdict on the Food.

Nothing special and nothing especially bad.  The mocha was a bit too sweet.  Tried the Usual Suspect which was basically eggs, sausages, baked potatoes and baked beans.  It also came with a slice of toast and a cup of coffee.  Nothing fantastic really but nothing that will make me complain about it. For $15, I will think the price is slightly on the high side but that is the kind of price you pay for a "Big Breakfast kind of meal" in Singapore cafes.   I like the ambience.  But I think there are better breakfast places around in Singapore.  Of course, unless I want an unassuming place to eat my breakfast.  Hatched basically strikes me as an unassuming place.  It is not an uppety-class kind of cafe.  Down to earth.  Nice place.

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