Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Day

Personal thoughts.  My day.  Ride the MRT.  Go to work.  Eat lunch.  Work work work.  Eat dinner.  Bath. Surf the net.  Do a bit of reading.  Reflection.  Sleep.

Wow.  Each day of my life passes by so fast.  Simply amazing.

Yeah, this is an entirely lame post =)  But I haven't done such a lame thing for a long long time.  I wonder if I blog like that for the next 3 months, will people still visit this blog and bother to read it..  Maybe i shd give it a try.


  1. "Ride the MRT. Go to work. Eat lunch. Work work work. Eat dinner. Bath. Surf the net. Do a bit of reading. Reflection. Sleep."

    work work work is the problem :)

  2. Wow. You found the problem. Hahaha =)


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