Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day and Gifts

Valentine's Day is coming up on 14 Feb and I believe it is the season of gift buying again.  Most couples will probably be wondering what gifts to buy each other. I remember the days of my youth when I had to literally crack my head to figure out what gifts to buy.  I am not a good gift buyer actually.

If you asked me how I will buy my gifts, I will probably tell you that I will buy them online.  Shopping online has almost become second nature to me.  I can surf the net in the comforts of my home and still literally browse through the many online shops like Ebay to buy a gift. And I think this trend of shopping online will perhaps get more and more common to many people.

Another thing I realised is probably that married couples don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in as big a manner as the unmarried couples.  I could be wrong on this but will like to think that my generalisation should be pretty accurate.

So how are you spending your Valentine's Day?  And what gifts are you buying for your loved ones?  Have you stopped buying gifts for your husband/wife because you are married?


  1. Get your Valentine Roses from Uncle8888. LOL!

  2. One great gift idea for a woman to give to her husband on Valentine’s Day which is often overlooked is a gift of flowers. Flowers are one of the most popular gifts for men to give to women on Valentine’s Day but women often do not even consider giving flowers to men on Valentine’s Day.

  3. A little extra care, attention and thought can bring out the options for best valentine gifts for him to offer.


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