Saturday, March 10, 2012

Losing Grip on Time

I feel like I am losing grip on time, and time is just literally, slipping me by.  Every week, I can't help but exclaim, that another week has passed.  It is simply way too amazing for me to fathom.  It seems like one moment I am brushing my teeth, getting ready to go to work.  And then the next moment, I am brushing my teeth, getting ready to go to sleep.  It is something like groundhog's day but totally different.  Rather than time repeating itself over and over, I am sort of losing grip on it and it seems to be slipping faster and faster and faster.  And I can't seem to hit the "Pause" button.  Before I know it, the week is over.  And it scares me..really.

Day by day passes by.  Week after week.  It is so scary sometimes I shiver when I think about the number of days or weeks that have passed since I last ate at a particular restaurant or met up with a friend.  And when I try to recall the last time I did something or visited some place, it scares me to realise that the last time I did that thing or visited the place was maybe one to two years back.  And it just seems like it happened yesterday.

I am not sure my words have really described the feelings that I feel inside.  But I truly feel like I am living in a movie that is on "fast forward" mode, hurtling right to the end.  And I know that there is no way I can hit the "rewind" button and that there is no way I can ever go back in time to smile at my loved ones, to hold them, and to tell them that I love them.  I seem to be trapped in this time tunnel where every thing is moving so fast.  And I am here begging, please slow it down a bit for me God.  Life is too beautiful and it is passing me by just too quickly.


  1. Hi FF

    hahaa not to worry too much. We all face the same situation as you. We eat poo and sleep everyday.. and before you know it we repeat the same situation again and again. :)

    Live life to the fullest...and add some colorful spice to your life :) and you will see the difference :P

  2. How about making your next weekends slightly different from this weekends either by visiting different place or doing different activities or eating different food?

    May be we can't really make the weekdays different but some weekends can be different if we try hard enough.

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  4. Really nice post man. I can so relate to what you're describing. For me it's like, I'm having these different goals in my head that I want to achieve. But I don't really do much to achieve them. And I'm kinda watching myself get older and older, looking back at, well not THAT much.. feeling like I could have done so much more by now, you know, even though I'm young. And time is really going too fast. But LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CONSTRASTS, srsly, just... DO things, doesn't matter what they are, you know, ride your bike to work or smthn, wear a hat.. It'll make you feel better.

    If you got the time and energy, feel free to check out my music.

    Cheers m8 :) // Adam. (from sweden, how did I find your site, I really don't know)

  5. Thanks for all the comments. Glad to know that I am not alone. Or should I say, sad to know that we are on the same boat.

    Thanks for dropping by. This blog gets quite a bit of foreign visitors from countries like Slovenia, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines. Do drop by more often.


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