Monday, March 12, 2012

Salary of Fresh Graduates

Survey results are out on the starting salary for fresh grads:


Leads the charts.  Class of 2011 earns average of $3,388.  Top 20 per cent of the cohort earned gross monthly salary of $5,039.  Graduates from Information Systems Management earned an average of $3,637 per month.

Those with GPA 3.40 to 3.59 earned an average of $4,294 per month.

Law graduates earned average of $5,037.  Medicine earned an average of $4,016

Computer engineering earned average of $3,577 while engineering grads earned $3,489 per month.

What do you think of the latest survey results?


  1. It's how much you save that's important - the papers always focus excessively on how much one EARNS.

  2. How much one can save should be linked to how much one earns.

  3. The amount that they receive in the initial working stage will set their type of lifestyle. They will not be able to get anything lower or a lower lifestyle standard. Musicwhiz hit the jackpot; it is how much you save that can be later used for investment.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Is that data reliable? My peers do not even earn anything near that range! Most of use graduate and throw away our cert. We ended up doing small scale business because we get to earn at least 3-5k /month and we do not have to answer to our "bosses"


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