Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tarnish on Silver

Tarnish has appeared on some of my silver bullion.  I bought some candian silver maple leaf some time back and used my bare hands to handle them.  I thought that the oils on my finger ruining the coin was just superstition by those crazy coin collectors.  After all, we handle coins everyday and I don't see the normal 10 cent or 20 cent coins getting spoilt.

To my horror, I discovered some white stains on my silver coins which were very clearly in the pattern of my fingerprints.  Tried wiping them off with a cloth but to no avail.  They don't see to come off.  Now my shiny coins are "stained" by the white marks.

Anyone has any idea how to remove them without spoiling the silver?


  1. Hi FF,

    You can easily polish them with Brasso and a soft cloth.

  2. Where can I get Brasso?

  3. FF,

    Don't you dare use Brasso!

    I thought you are a fellow stamp collector? We don't pick up stamps with our fingers do we?

    It's like submerging the whole envelop under water to remove the used stamp - non collectors.

    First the good news. Your silver maple leaf has no numismatic value; so it's more about cosmetic appearance.

    Now the bad news. Silver coins will tarnish with exposure to air whether you touch them with bare hands or not.

    Try looking at this website if you still insist on the "pristine" look:

  4. Thanks SMOL,

    But my coin looks really ugly with the white fingerprints =(

    I am like a magpie. I like shiny coins...ahhaha..juz kidding.

  5. sacrificial oxidation will do the trick.

    1. place aluminium foil in a basin of water.
    2. add 2-3 tablespoons of salt to the basin of water.
    3. place your tarnished coins in the basin of water.
    4. rub coin gently with soft cloth (done in the salt water)

    heat the water for faster results.

    don't believe me? try on other silverwares before using on your coins.


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