Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crossed the 250,000 Page Views

Not too long ago, I shared that this blog has crossed the 210,000 pageview mark.  I am happy to say that this site has surprisingly and beyond my wildest expectations crossed the 250,000 page view milestone earlier this week.  Thank you readers for your support, advice, comfort, jokes that you have shared with me along this journey.  I cannot thank you enough for how you all have contribute to this site and to me personally in one way or another.

Hopefully, this site will remain relevant for all. It is challenging to generate content. Very difficult considering that I do not have much free time to sit down, think and write.  Many of the posts are either written in the wee hours of the night when I would really love to be sleeping rather than writing, and also when my brain really stops functioning normally.


  1. Congrats! You've reached such massive amount of pageviews (In newbie view). My blog has 3500 views per week only and earning 0.1 cents per day. My plan is to achieve more views and keyword research to boost my earnings but my blog is all about jokes or humor related posts. Do you think there is other way to boost my adsense earnings? Also, I've reached my threshold but until now they didn't paid me. No on hold, verification is done and everything is okay.. until now, I don't hear any from them.. can you help?

  2. Thanks. Most importantly, is to enjoy what you are doing. The rest will come naturally.


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