Friday, May 11, 2012

Why I Write

I was sad to discover that a fellow blogger had stopped writing.  He gave his farewell posting a few months back and I chanced upon it while I was just surfing around.  I am happy for him that he has decided that there are more important things to tend to.

Anyway, it got me questioning myself on why I even write this blog.  I have better things to do.  I have in fact too many things to do.  But writing is a form of relaxation for me.  A way to express myself.  A way to converse since I am not really gifted in talking (and there is nobody to talk to me in the real world).  Writing is my form of escape.  It is my way of voicing my thoughts.

Sometimes, it is good to just get something off my chest.  To know that I have voiced out my opinion on a matter and that somebody (whoever it is) is reading it.  And though I don't often reply to the comments that are left (sometimes, I just have no time to reply), I treasure each one deeply even as I read the encouraging words and thoughtful remarks that are left on this blog.

In a sense, this blog is like a living organism that has grown with me.  It contains memories and words that people have left, captured eternally on this faceless internet page.  And at the very same time, it is as if this blog reaches out to people and some how, probably in some small way, makes a positive impact on somebody's life.  I don't know.  Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.  But the idea that such a thing can happen even without me meeting the person face to face is surreal.  It is like making a deposit in somebody's life.  Loving a person without actually knowing him or meeting him.

So I hope that you the reader knows why I write.

Drop me a comment.  Will love to hear from you.


  1. I guess some bloggers may think that blogging can bring in some form of passive income but soon they realize that it is not worth their time and effort in exchange for so little money.

    So they give up???

  2. Hi Sir,

    I respect you for your passion in writing. Keep going. I am a fan of yours.
    Are you keen to exchange links as well?
    My blog link is:
    I have added yours.

    Thank you.

  3. Yea I agree with you.

    Writing blog is a form of relaxation. It should not be seen as a form of a "must thing to do" every day or every week.


  4. Hi FF,

    I too do not have a flair of writing but I still blog occasionally as it helps to articulate my thoughts and seek the opinions of fellow bloggers.

    I'm fortunate to have an interest in both finance and web technologies which is also what kept me going.

    Keep up your efforts and may we all achieve our Financial Freedom.


  5. Hi ppl,

    Thanks for all the comments. I guess all your points made sense. Some ppl blog because they think it can bring them money. Some blog just to articulate their thoughts and seek opinions. Whatever the case, as long as we know why we write, we will probably keep on writing!


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