Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 Monthly Dividend Stocks I Am Watching Right Now

There are 3 Monthly Dividend Stocks that I am watching right now.  The reason I am watching them is simply because I am bullish on resources and also because I like the fact that this stocks pay monthly dividends.  Of course, the stocks listed here are highly risky and might not be suitable for many investors.  

1.  Gamco Global Gold and Natural Resources Trust (GGN)

Well, GGN used to be called "Gabelli..." and then there was a name change to "Gamco...".  But GGN's dividend history since 2005 has been pretty neat to me.  To invest in this stock, you need access to the US market which should be readily available through most of the brokerages in Singapore.  Do note that there is a withholding tax of 30% for foreign investors so that means you have to deduct whatever dividends you are supposed to receive by 30%.  Do add in another few dollars for the processing/admin charges and you will realise that you actually need a sizeable investment for the yield to justify itself since there are so many REITs listed in Singapore that might give a better yield.  Nevertheless, as I am bullish on resources (especially Gold), I am thus thinking of accumulating more of this stock.

2.  Armour Residential REIT

If the above stock is risky, Armour Residential REIT I believe falls into the "super don't ever touch it " kind of risky.  It is frankly speaking not a REIT like one would expect it to be.  It is a mortgage REIT so there are many risks involved associated with interest rates and stuff.  Still, it pays out a neat dividend.

3.  Enerplus Resources

After divesting my canroys when there were all the tax changes and stuff, I am starting to zoom in again on "energy plays".  Enerplus Resources is one of those stocks that still pays monthly dividends.  It is an independent North American energy company with a diversified asset base of oil and gas properties across a variety of resource plays.  The monthly dividends for this are still good though they seem to have reduced recently.

[Note: This post should not be read as an invitation/recommendation/advice to invest in the stocks listed above.  The writer is vested in both GGN and Armour Residential REIT.]


  1. Gas in US is becoming dirt cheap because of oversupply. You may want to Google about this and read more.

  2. Thanks for informing. I did not know that natural gas is becoming cheap. Or are you referring to gasoline?

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