Monday, July 9, 2012

SAF Group Term Life Insurance Gives Rebates

Just received a letter not long ago from Aviva.  It is basically a cash rebate of over $120 for my term insurance coverage under the SAF Group Term Life Plan.  I really do enjoy getting this rebates as it reminds me again that this is probably one of the cheapest term insurance plans available to most Singaporeans.

Considering that my monthly premium is around $50, it means that I have gotten almost 2 months of free coverage!  Insurance is a cost at the end of the day and where possible, it is always best to keep the cost as low as possible.


  1. There is also SAFRA group term insurance for those who want additional coverage. SAF and SAFRA term insurance are among the cheapest you can get and are the "hidden" gems that you probably will not find out if you go to insurance agents.

  2. Thanks for informing about SAFRA term insurance


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