Thursday, August 9, 2012

Enerplus Corporation - An Overview

Enerplus Corporation is a North American energy producer with a varied asset base of top-quality, low-decline oil and gas assets well complemented by growth resources with greater economics. The company focuses on strengthening value for its investors by developing properties in a successful manner and managing a disciplined balance sheet. By carrying out its various activities the company strives to provide a good return of income and growth to its investors.

Enerplus has been resilient even in a very competitive environment and unstable market conditions just because of being a responsible producer of resources. The Enerplus executives pay a close attention and are very responsible towards their employees, their shareholders, their partners and the communities engaged with them. This responsible outlook has been incorporated in the Enerplus foundation and has added to the company’s success.

In 2010, the company generated a revenue of more than1.2 billion from oil and gas sales of 82, 138 BOE/day. These figures placed Enerplus among the top traded gas and oil producers. The picture of Enerplus has been quietly changed from its early times.  Enerplus was founded through investments in gas and oil assets in 1986 with about two dozen employees. The company continued to acquire assets while yielding a high income sharing model. With good progressive plans, the company turned into a high oil and gas producer with about 800 employees.

Enerplus has a low risk and a good return on its investments because of its focus on generating cash flows from the oil and gas industry. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company has helped it in acquiring more attention by providing high yields to its shareholders. Enerplus says that “you are not buying assets but a company with organized people and a well built system”.  Enerplus promises no change in its fundamental values.

Another reason for taking note of  Enerplus is its employee feedback program in which a survey is being conducted every two years by the company. The company compares its performance with its industry peers and studies the survey closely to find the areas which need to improvement. These programs are carried out for empowering the employees and uncovering the ideas for yielding high and profitable results. Enerplus possesses a technical toolkit of a large firm but is quiet small to move decisively with a team of talented experts who have the power of harnessing new technologies to unleash the best resources.

The best time to be a part of a company is when it is in the stage of growth.  Enerplus has already made deep foundations in North America’s various resource plays. A lot of drilling is already going on and the company is trying its best to find out how large can these plays be. The company’s main focus is on Oil and liquids rich gas which has a very high market, so investing in this company could probably yield very high returns.

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