Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Fellow Investor Passes On - Only learnt the news today

As I was flipping through some investment magazine today, I just read the news that Mr Dennis Ng had passed away.  I had a particularly weak feeling in my stomach as I have sort of "known" Dennis through his regular posts in the old Wallstraits forum and also seen him appear on TV as well as youtube videos.

Though I never met him in real life, my knowledge about investments and personal finance would have been much poorer without his selfless sharing.  If I recalled, he even left a comment on this blog before though I can't really remember which post it was on.  He also contributed to CPF's IMSavvy site.

To find out about his passing so late is quite a shocker to me.  He left at a very young age and certainly was still in his prime.  A weak feeling went through my entire body as I read and re-read the news time and again.  He passed on in Jul 2012 but his knowledge that he has shared will probably endure in the minds of those who were willing to accept his ideas.

It is sad to know that Singapore has lost somebody who was passionate enough to stand up for his beliefs in personal finance.This news is only a stark reminder to me that life is too short to let it pass it by just like this.  Enjoy your life even when you have not accumulated your first million. My heart goes out to his family and friends.


  1. Dennis pass away due to a defective heart.
    He had that since young, but very few people knew about it, since his mission is not to get sympathy, or stop his selfless sharing, but to journey and share and help as many people as possible.

  2. This is a Eulogy by Alvin on Dennis.
    Alvin is also one of his graduates.

  3. Hmm, you are indeed late in knowing that news. It shocked our local investment community.

  4. Hi LP and Swee Chye,

    Yes, I am a little late in finding out. That is why my heart dropped. I am so much aware of my mortality now. Dennis indeed contributed by sharing his knowledge and experience. It is sad that he is gone.


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