Monday, October 15, 2012

How To Buy US Stocks in Singapore

I received a query from a reader about how to buy a particular US stock from Singapore.  This is a common question that I get and I thought that I might as well answer this through a blog post instead of replying to the email.

First of all, you will probably need a brokerage account.  When you open a stock trading account with a brokerage firm like UOB Kay Hian, they will give you the option on which markets (e.g. Singapore, Hong Kong, U.S) you want to trade in.  There are a few particular forms that you will need to fill in. To trade the US market, you will need a W8-BEN form which is downloadable from their website (usually).

I leave you with a few links that might be useful if you are interested in opening a trading account. As it is really self-explanatory, I will leave it up to the reader to navigate the technical details of how to open a stock trading account to buy US stocks that are listed on the US stock markets.

  1. UOB Kay Hian.  (go to the top menu bar on Getting Started and read the questions.  Pretty self explanatory)
  2. POEMs. (go to Getting Started on left column)
  3. Standard Chartered.
  4. OCBC


  1. Hi, Thanks for your great post, there are much nice information that I am sure a huge number of guys and gals don’t know.

  2. Buying US stocks is quite simple. Any brokerage account should have access to the US market. There are however other risks involved (e.g. currency risk, foreign exchange risk). So buyers beware.


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