Friday, December 7, 2012

CPF Board's Are You Ready? Instagram Contest

CPF Board started the Are You Ready? Initiative to get Singaporeans thinking about these important decisions in their lives. They are
-          Manage your cash flow;
-          Buy a house within your means;
-          Take charge of your healthcare costs; and
-          Secure your retirement.

The AYR concept revolves around using four simple checklists to measure your financial readiness. This year, CPF improved the checklists to include more resources.

In addition, CPF is running an Are You Ready? Instagram contest with an iPhone 5 and more than $2,000 shopping vouchers up for grabs.

It’s simple to join. Simply take photos of what best relates to ‘Cash Flow’, ‘Housing’, ‘Healthcare’ and ‘Retirement’, and tag them with your caption! The hashtags are
-           #AYRcash
-           #AYRhouse
-          #AYRhealth
-          #AYRretire  

Click here to go to the campaign

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