Friday, December 7, 2012

Dividends for November 2012

I have been doing a really bad job keeping records of dividends that I receive.  Every month, I will receive 2 cheques from two of my monthly dividend paying stocks.  And I have not developed the habit of banking those cheques in immediately.  Sometimes, the cheques sit on my desk for days or weeks before they are dropped in at the bank.

The amount I get from those two cheques are aroudn $90 to $100.

During the month of November, I also got dividends from Thakral ($50) and Sabana ($46.80).


  1. Pay dividend monthly? What are the stocks?
    Btw, you can use Google Docs to record it.

  2. Hi Ah John,

    Currently, I own Armour Residential REIT (a mortgage REIT) and GAMCO Global Gold & Natural Resources Trust. I just bought Cross Timbers Royalty Trust.

    These are not stock recommendations. They are very high risk stocks..

  3. You can apply for CDP to GIRO the dividends into your bank account.
    No more trips to the bank.


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